Travel Tips

By Happy Life Tour & Drive

Following are a few travel tips one must take into consideration while traveling:

1. Always keep your passport or identify proofs with you..

2. If you aren’t sure of directions when in a new place, do not hesitate to ask the locals.

3. Keep plenty of currency in small denomination.

4. Do not carry much jewelry while you travel.

5. Keep some cash but not in huge amount as liquid money is necessary while traveling.

6. Go through the guide books carefully so as to take care of smallest of things in a foreign country.

7. If you are traveling in a taxi or an auto, settle first for the fare so that there is no room left for negotiation later.

8. Stay calm and patient during times of trouble.

9. Use an alarm clock to wake up on time so that you don’t miss any travel schedule.

10. Plan your day ahead of time and get all the bookings done on a prior day as tickets might not be available at the eleventh hour.