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Golden Triangle Tour Packages

The Golden Triangle of India covers three most prominent and beautiful cities- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This is a tourist circuit and is named after the fact that these three cities form a triangle on the map of India. These three places are well connected and are the most visited cities in the country. Most tourists wish to travel all these three cities in a go, hence a tourist circuit for the same has been created and is covered by most travel agencies and companies so that the visitors are offered by the best. These three cities together gift the visitors with varied landscapes in one trip and hence they take back some mesmerizing views and amazing memories with them. This tourist circuit allows the tourists to take a peek into the culture and art of these three beautiful cities, in addition to getting a glimpse of the Mughal era monuments and buildings. These cities were largely ruled by the Mughals and hence in one way or the other, these cities share a similar background though they have varied topography and demography.

Top Tourist Places and Attractions in Golden Triangle Tour Packages

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