Safety Features

By Happy Life Tour & Drive

Following are a few safety features that we take care of so that during each journey, the tourists stay safe and are able to enjoy their time in the country without any hassle or obstruction:

1. First aid is available for all. We make sure we keep with ourselves few basic medicines ready so that initial medication can be given to any customer. If the case deteriorates,he/she is taken to the hospital on an immediate basis.

2. Seat belts are mandatory for the drivers. For all the drivers working with us, we have aset of rules that they need mandatorily follow. Wearing seat belt is one of them. It is a safety measure all should take without any second thought.

3. Fire extinguisher facility is provided. We make sure we take with us a fire extinguisher as well to handle small level of fire on our own. The entire team of Happy Life Tour & Driveis trained well to use such tools/equipments in order to save all from any mishappening.

4. Relevant and important tools are present in the vehicles. We always stay ready for the smallest of things that might pose an obstruction in the journey. Hence, a tool kit is always ready to fix punctures or related issues in the vehicles.

5. Drivers have mobile phones for convenience of the tourists. This is done so that in case the tourists lose their way to the bus, they can contact the driver and board the bus.Communication can at times solve issues which otherwise might lead to an accident.

6. Safety measures are shared with the tourists before the trip. All the tourists are informed about how they can stay safe at the most predictable obstructions. The delivery of these measures instills confidence in the customers.

7. All the drivers are professionals and know how to deal with different kinds of customers.They will always stay polite to you and would help you in any issue that you might safe.They drive safely so that there is no room for mistakes or accidents.

8. All drivers have valid driving license. Before the start of any trip, all the documents of the drivers are checked by the team.

9. All drivers drive safely, at optimum speed. All drivers are advised to draw at the right speed, in accordance with the condition of the roads, other vehicles and passengers.Every minute thing is taken care of when we have customers on board.

10. No plastic or litter should be thrown out from the vehicle as cleanliness is as important as visiting the place and only when we would take a step towards keeping it clean, we can expect to see a beautiful and clean city.

11. The drivers use the common roads, rather than experimenting with shorter routes. The routes of all the trips are already decided and mutually agreed upon. No driver is allowed to use a route of his own in order to reach the destination earlier.